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Access to AES events as well as AES Education events. Meet other industry students and professionals.
Meet other industry students and professionals. Join AES Student Sections or create your own.
Learn more about audio coding and other courses. Get constructive feedback from professionals about your mixes.
Share your work with industry professionals for feedback, and prizes and hear peer recording and mix projects across the globe.
AES Student Members get exclusive benefits such as discounts on audio software, hardware and publications, AES event registrations... and much more.
Find out about scholarships for audio students.

Student Competitions are a great way to get involved

Student Competitions

The AES Student Recording Competition is a unique opportunity for students at AES international conventions to receive feedback and recognition for their audio production work. Students can enter the competition in four different categories covering every possible genre and recording technique.

The AES Saul Walker Student Design Competition is an opportunity for aspiring hardware and software engineers to gain recognition for their hard work, technical creativity and ingenuity, by participating in a worldwide contest at AES Conventions.

Design a new kind of audio production VST plugin using MATLAB and your wits! MathWorks is actively supporting the AES MATLAB Plugin Competition, a creative and competitive contest held by the Audio Engineering Society. The competition provides students with the opportunity to challenge both their signal processing skills and creativity, and to share their results with the audio engineering community. Shortlisted teams will be selected to present their work for a chance to win cash and software prizes.

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