Student Delegate Assembly

The Student Delegate Assembly (SDA) is led by three representatives from each region of the AES. Delegates are nominated by regional Vice Chairs, and are appointed by the Chair of the AES Education Committee who oversees and advises on the activities of the SDA. Although Officers of the Student Delegate Assembly are volunteers, they have very important jobs that require a time commitment similar to that of a part-time job. SDA Officers answer student’s questions, help organize and run student events at conventions, and represent student members to the AES. The SDA aims to promote communications between student sections and members in many ways. As a student member of the AES, the SDA strongly encourages you to dive into our rich and diverse student community and share your ideas with AES student members from around the world. The AES believes that students are the future of the audio industry and the AES is committed to providing access to all of the resources necessary to support student success. Don’t hesitate to contact the Student Delegate Assembly (SDA) with your questions and suggestions. We are here to represent students! 

Meet the Future Leaders of the Audio Industry

Daniela Pardo Quintana

SDA Chair - Eastern US & Canada

Carla Herran

SDA Vice Chair - Latin America (Mexico)

Lara Villanueva

SDA Secretary - Eastern US & Canada

Liam Knoll

SDA Communications - Central US

Gianluca Grazioli

SDA Newsletter Editor, Europe

Oddy Litlabo

SDA Newsletter Editor, Eastern US & Canada

Manuel Nino

SDA Events Coordinator, Latin America

Want to join this team? Student Delegates are nominated by their Faculty Advisors to Regional Vice Presidents. Speak to your Faculty Advisor and let them know you are interested!